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The forth studio album MULTIDIMENSIONAL is now available on CD and digital download.


Here is the tracklist :


1. Penumbra
2. Save The World
3. 1+1=1
4. Love Is Healing (see the music video HERE)
5. Back To You
6. My Song Is Love
7. I Breathe (see the music video HERE)
8. Traces Of You
9. Down The Road
10. The Sign
11. Where Beauty Lives
12. Embrace Me
13. A Te Che Resti



Vibrant, energetic, intense – MULTIDIMENSIONAL takes the listener on a real journey through human emotions, as we struggle to understand the greatest mystery that surrounds life: the album was recorded after the untimely passing of Robbie Rox, to whom it is dedicated.


Max explains the choice of the title MULTIDIMENSIONAL: “Like the previous albums, this album was also written by me and by Robbie, even though we find ourselves in two different dimensions. This is where the idea came from for the album cover and title too: they represent contact between worlds that are far apart, yet close together at the same time”.


The album’s powerful, polished sound, with its synths, guitars and strings, is the work of sound engineer Marco Barusso (Nek, Modà, Lacuna Coil) and the legendary Ted Jensen of the Sterling Sound Studio in New York.


The respected musicians who lent a hand to creating MULTIDIMENSIONAL’s aural appeal include Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, Subsonica, Laura Pausini, The Cure), Stefano Mariani (Daniele Silvestri, Paola Turci, PFM), Silvio Masanotti (Pacifico, Samuele Bersani) and Ivan Ciccarelli (Antonella Ruggiero).


The album contains the singles LOVE IS HEALING, previewed on the website of the newspaper La Stampa and later on the playlists of many radio stations and MTV, and I BREATHE, with a video directed in a very urban Milan by Gianluca Miotto, who directed Andrea Nardinocchi’s most recent video, among others.



Track by track
An overture with a suspenseful and ethereal mood introduces us slowly to the world of Multidimensional.
With a soundscape that has an electronic, cinematographic and sometimes epic feel, the track reveals to us the elusive, mysterious moment of bewilderment that follows after we leave the earthly world, when the soul’s path in this dimension reaches an end.
Synth sounds, electronic beats and a stomping groove: a bona fide tribute to the electropop music that the band loves so much.
From the first to the last note, the throbbing rhythm of this track invites the listener to jump on a train ride that won’t be stopping.
The title is a reference to the power and the majesty of feelings that can lead to great things if we give free rein to them.
3. 1+1=1
When you start to talk about emotions and feelings, maths – with all its rigid formulas – loses all its meaning.
The starting point of the track was its unusual title and it plays on the balance between two parts that are very different from each other: the verses, full of emotional tension, and the choruses, which create a lively, sunny dance mood on the other hand.
Mystical choirs and the song’s gorgeous electronic harmony weave together a finale that is unexpected and exciting.
This track was chosen as the album’s first single, thanks to its obviously international pop flavour.
Written in one go on a trip to the Camargue, it’s an invitation to let love be our guide, as it’s the only universal force that can soothe a wounded soul and get us back on our feet again, in spite of it all.
The rich and sophisticated sound is an ingenious combination of violins, guitars and synths, the result of a collaboration with Steve Lyon, the famous English producer who has worked with renowned artists like Depeche Mode and Subsonica.
Embarking on a long journey – the journey of life – with all its tumbles, shocks, pain and mistakes.
All these experiences lead us to our final destination, where we know that the people we have loved and met along the way are waiting for us.
One of the album’s tracks that best reflects the typical Babylonia synth pop sound, more so perhaps than the rest.
The whole track is based around the melody of the voice, that ranges from a vaguely melancholic ’80s sound to the ’60s with its powerful choruses and choir finale.
Gentle, bashful, melancholic.
This track touches the listener as only a sincere, heartfelt love song can.
Electronic sounds take a back seat, surrendering their role to acoustic guitars and violins in sweeping, interweaving notes that softly frame the vocals.
Verse by verse, the vocal harmonies overlap to give way to an intense and airily fresh chorus – the track’s climax.
It begins with a stirring orchestral intro that introduces the vocals with the soft intermingling sound of violins and strings.
The song’s real nature quickly comes to the surface. After the initial soft intro, the track starts to pound with an entrancing beat, before vigorously and energetically exploding into the rest of the song.
These sounds are mirrored perfectly in the video for the song chosen as the second single from the album, in which young people show how they long to “breathe” the air of Freedom, against a frenetic urban backdrop.
One of the tracks that came out of the first writing session for the album.
The electronic sounds are accompanied by acoustic country style guitars, creating an unusual, rarefied and relaxed mood, backed nonetheless by a powerful rhythm that grows and grows.
A range of voices flow through the whole track, giving it an original, laidback flavour that is one of the most spellbinding on the whole album.
Probably the darkest song – the bitterest fruit on the album.
The theme is human fragility, whose impotence makes us hesitate at the most difficult times in our lives.
Interwoven electronic sequences and analogue noises and sounds create a murky, shadowy world that manages to find light in the vocal melody and the sounds of the heartrending, moving chorus.
Another track on the album that surfaced quickly.
Different musical languages are used, with a nod to dance music and pop, as well as dubstep, although this version is far removed from the original demo for piano and voice.
Throughout the track, the mood remains evocative and all-encompassing, thanks to the lyrics that symbolically reference mystical and religious images.
A ballad full of poetry and pathos.
The arrangement here is purposely minimalist and simple, to highlight the vocal melody and lyrics.
With the help of just a few other acoustic elements, an elegant piano accompanies the vocals over the course of the track, that moves forward slowly in a passionate, emotive way.
Really opening your heart, talking about your cowardice and fragility until it almost hurts, looking straight into the eyes of the listener without beating around the bush or being hypocritical.
An electronic track with plenty of pulsating rhythm, where synth harmonies with a vintage kind of sound are echoed by ethereal, melancholic guitar riffs in a deep, intense soundscape.
After the track there’s a hidden interlude entitled “Un Gabbiano Che Vola” (A Seagull In Flight”), that acts as a bridge, like in a dream, to the following track that closes the album.
Sweet and melancholic, this track brings the album’s long journey to a poignant close, with a crescendo of violins and synths that tug at the heartstrings.
The only track in Italian, from an old Robbie Rox demo with the original guitars and vocals.
The lyrics are words of consolation and bitterness – a snapshot of the feelings a person has for those who have headed for pastures new, while they themselves are left behind and survive.